Many Reasons To Say No - But I Still Said Yes

The phone rang yesterday and Josh called out, “It’s State of Michigan again Mom.  Do I answer it?”  I had him bring me the phone and quickly pressed the proper key.  As I suspected, it was CPS (Children’s Protective Service) and they were getting ready to go to court on a case which looked like it would end up with two children entering the foster care system.  My heart broke, as it does with each call, but I quickly explained that my daughter was running a temp and I wasn’t sure if it was strep throat-  plus my husband & two oldest sons are out of the country on a mission trip and my oldest daughter was gone as well so there was NO WAY I could take these  two precious kids.  The worker politely agreed and thanked me for my time.  I said a quick prayer and went on with my day.

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Begin With The End In Mind

‘When I’m ‘on my game’, I pretty much live by the motto in my title.

What does that mean you say?  To me, it is a series of daily/continual choices that lead to and intended result.  Such as my current goal: “I desire to have well run school mornings full of joy, peace and life.”  To get to that goal, I need to do some hard work- my whole family does actually, but we will ALL benefit.

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Meeting A New Sister

Since I am somewhat introducing you to our family while also attempting to journal some of the amazing journey of how we got from ‘there’ to ‘here’, I will do some flashbacks.  Today, you witness Clara meeting Daddy & her siblings.  CUTENESS WARNING!

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