Adoption: Getting Started

Congratulations!  You’ve taken the first step into the world of adoption.  Now what?

First things first, pray, pray, pray and keep praying!  Have you considered….

  • Why do you and your family want to adopt?  Your motivation for wanting to adopt matters and will be tested during the entire process.  Ask the Lord to help you define your why.

  • Are all members of your family on board with the idea of adoption?  (Yes you can adopt if you are single, depending on the country).

  • How will adopting affect your family?  Children?  Extended family?  Schedules?  Finances?  

  • Do you know which type of adoption your family wants to pursue?  

  • Each type of adoption has its own process, homestudy, regulations/policies, etc.

  • Have you utilized the free resources for consultation before, during and after licensure:

There are three different types of adoption:

  • Through the Child Welfare System (foster care)

  • Children in foster care become available for adoption once their parental rights have been terminated.  This includes children and youth listed on the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange.

  • Cost of adoption covered primarily by the State of Michigan

  • Domestic

  • Birth parent(s) work with a domestic adoption agency to find a family for their baby

  • Family is responsible for fees to complete homestudy and adoption

  • International

  • Around the world there are children without parents waiting for a forever family

  • Family is responsible for fees to complete homestudy, adoption, travel and other in/out of country fees

PRAY, research all your options, interview staff and talk to other families who have adopted or are in the process.

Once you decide what type of adoption your family will pursue, the next step is to find an agency.

  • Through the Child Welfare System

  • Options include the Department of Health and Human Services and numerous private child welfare agencies.  

  • Domestic

  • There are private adoption agencies in addition to some of the private child welfare agencies having departments that handle private domestic and international adoptions.  

  • International

  • It will be important to decide which country you want to adopt from and then choose one of the numerous international adoption agencies that have a good working relationship with that country.